Privacy policy

Integral ILS Ltd., its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Integral ILS”, “Company” or “the Company”) are cognizant of the privacy concerns of our prospective, existing individual clients and affiliates.  At times we may require a client to share certain Personal Data with the Company in order to conduct business. Utilizing this Privacy Policy, we adhere to guidelines and controls in order to protect the confidentiality and security of information that we receive.  Data is only utilized in a manner that is limited to the use in order to complete the requested service. Usage at all times is compliant with the legal requirements that the client has consented for use and sharing of information.

Scope of the Policy

This Policy covers all handling, receiving and processing of Personal Data in relation to our clients, agents, third parties, employees, and / or entities acting on Integral ILS behalf while initiating, implementing and / or conducting Integral ILS business.  Integral ILS defines “Personal Data” as any information that can be utilized, assembled or manipulated in order to clearly identify a natural person. 

Collection of Personal Data

Personal Data could be received via direct communication, electronic delivery, in writing, via telephone, via data received by third parties or via collection tools utilized within this website.  Personal Data that we may potentially collect during the course of doing business can be limited to contact information and / or business to business contact information and or metrics obtained via cookies and systems integrated within this website. 

Disclosure of Information

Integral ILS will not disclose Personal Data to any external entity unless instructed to do so by the individual, business or legal entity due to a legal, regulatory or compliance requirement instructed and or enacted by the Company. 

Safeguarding Data

To safeguard the confidentiality of Personal Data and information contained in this website and systems under control, ownership or management of Integral ILS, the Company implements security measures in line with industry best practices and standards.  Our systems are secured with controls and systems that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to Company data.  Our environments are protected by other physical and electronic measures with limited access to authorized staff only. 

Transferring of Data

Integral ILS is domiciled and headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda.  Subsequently since Bermuda is the primary location, a majority of data processing and or analysis will be conducted at this location.  However, at times, in order to facilitate business, the Company may utilize resources in other countries in order to complete business transactions.  Integral ILS does acknowledge that these other domiciles may have differing privacy and data regulations in comparison to that of Bermuda.  When and if data is transferred, Integral ILS will adhere to security protocols in order to maintain the security of that data.

Personal Data Retention

Integral ILS will retain data required to complete the necessary business transaction for the duration of the transaction and for the requirement of any legal and or compliance requirements.  Any data that is no longer required to be retained will be removed and erased from the Company systems once all legal obligations for retention have been met.

Right to Request

Countries around the world have differing privacy policies that allow for the right to request to verify, access, change, deletion, restriction of process and or acknowledgement of possession of Personal Data to an entity. Integral ILS acknowledges these regulations and will aim to assist Right to Request. If you wish to receive any additional information in regards to Right to Request, please who can assist with your query.

Policy Changes

Integral ILS reserves the right to amend, change and update this Policy at any time.  Notice of change to this Policy will be circulated via this website or via direct email communication.  All questions regarding this Policy can be directed to:

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