Integral Launches Bermudian Internship Program, in Partnership with ILS Bermuda and Bermuda College

Integral, in partnership with ILS Bermuda and Bermuda College, has launched a Bermudian Internship Program


Integral ILS Ltd is proud to announce the successful launch of a new Bermudian Internship program. In partnership with ILS Bermuda and Bermuda College, Integral ILS provided an internship opportunity from August to November of 2021 for Isaiah Cabral, a Bermudian student at the College.

Integral ILS was the first ILS fund manager to participate in this unique internship partnership program. Adriaan van der Merwe, CFO of Integral ILS, oversaw the program ensuring that Isaiah received broad experience and mentoring in every aspect of ILS fund management.

Integral ILS would like to thank Isaiah for his hard work, dedication, and wishes him all the best for a bright future!

For more information on this partnership please visit Integral ILS’ LinkedIn page, or ILS Bermuda’s LinkedIn page, website article on the partnership, and website article on their internship program.