Professor Kerry Emanuel

Research Advisor

Professor Emanuel is advising Integral ILS on our view of tropical cyclone risk.

Professor Emanuel is a world leader in tropical cyclone research. His research group is focused on the physics of tropical cyclones as well as links between global climate and tropical cyclone activity.




Other research activities include research on tropical cyclone genesis, environmental control of tropical cyclone intensity, the role of cumulus convection in regulating atmospheric water vapor and clouds, and the development of new techniques for assimilating nonlinear coherent structures into numerical models.


  • BS, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT, 1976
  • PhD, Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978

Courses taught:

  • Quasi-balanced Circulations in Oceans and Atmospheres (12.803) [Graduate]
  • Tropical Meteorology (12.811) [Graduate]
  • Climate Physics and Chemistry (12.842) [Graduate]
  • Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling (12.950) [Graduate]
  • Past and Present Climate (12.301) [This course is no longer available}

Selected publications:

  • Emanuel, K. A. (1987). The dependence of hurricane intensity on climate. Nature, 326(6112), 483-485. 
  • Emanuel, K. (2005). Divine wind: the history and science of hurricanes. Oxford university press. 
  • Mann, M. E., & Emanuel, K. A. (2006). Atlantic hurricane trends linked to climate change. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 87(24), 233-241.
  • Emanuel, K., Sundararajan, R., & Williams, J. (2008). Hurricanes and global warming: Results from downscaling IPCC AR4 simulations. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 89(3), 347-368. 
  • Emanuel, K. (2017). Assessing the present and future probability of Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(48), 12681-12684. 
  • Emanuel, K. (2020). Evidence that hurricanes are getting stronger. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(24), 13194-13195. 
  • Emanuel, K. (2021). Atlantic tropical cyclones downscaled from climate reanalyses show increasing activity over past 150 years. Nature communications, 12(1), 7027.
  • Emanuel, K. (2022). Tropical cyclone seeds, transition probabilities, and genesis. Journal of Climate, 35(11), 3557-3566. 
  • Gori, A., Lin, N., Xi, D., & Emanuel, K. (2022). Tropical cyclone climatology change greatly exacerbates US extreme rainfall–surge hazard. Nature Climate Change, 12(2), 171-178. 

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